Energy Psychology (EP) modalities have been researched by more than 120 investigators in at least 7 countries. As of 2020 over 120 research studies have been published on EP modalities out of theses only one has not shown efficacy, of theses 51 are Randomised Controlled trails (RTCTs) all are published in peer-Reviewed Journals. several appear in APR and other Prominent journals, Of theses studies are randomised controlled trials, 98% show Energy Psychology methods to be highly effective. There are 5 meta-analyses, and 4 systematic reviews all showing strong effects for Anxiety, PTSD & Depression. 8 comparison Studies with CBT show similar results in fewer sessions. EP methods appear effective for a wide range of conditions. Multiple studies have demonstrated unusually rapid results.

A literature search identified 51 peer-reviewed papers that report or investigate clinical outcomes following the tapping of acupuncture points to address psychological issues. The 18 randomised controlled trials in this sample were critically evaluated for design quality, leading to the conclusion that they consistently demonstrated strong effect sizes and other positive statistical results that far exceed chance after relatively few treatment sessions. Criteria for evidence-based treatments proposed by Division 12 of the American Psychological Association were also applied and found to be met for a number of conditions, including PTSD.” (Feinstein, 2012)

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And here is more good news

In 2016, TFT (Thought Field Therapy) was validated by NREPP (the National Repertory of Evidence Based Practices and Procedures, a division of SAMHSA in the U.S.) as an evidence-based treatment. You can read more about it on our

• EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is currently under review by NREPP in the U.S., and by NICE (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence) in the UK. We expect to receive the results of their reviews soon.

• There are over 400 identified forms of psychotherapy, most of which have little or no research to validate them. Energy psychology is both evidence-based and in the top 10% in terms of research for psychotherapy modalities.

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