“I was desperate to help my 13 year old daughter who started suffering from such bad anxiety that she could not get her self to school and her grades where suffering. After waiting for months and years on NHS waiting list, things we’re going downhill very very quickly.

A friend on Facebook posted Palace Energy Psychotherapy / recommending Seth. I thought I had nothing to lose and I’ll do anything to help my daughter. After just one visit with Seth there was a massive improvement in my daughter, she made it to school at last !!

We had 3 visits which lasted around 1 to 1 and a half hours. And it’s like having my daughter back all the worry and anxiety has been lifted away as if by magic. I can not recommend Seth enough he is so professional and really makes you feel comfortable in his cute little shop.

Once again thank you so much Seth”

Carly O’mahony

Brilliant! An empowering experience  

” I went to see Seth coming from a very rough patch in my life. In the space of a year I lost my mum to cancer , my relationship with my partner of 10 years and father of my kids ended, and it was very conflictual, I was not happy with my job, my father was diagnosed with cancer too and I was experiencing very high levels of stress and anxiety.

I had my intial consultation with Seth , he had a very friendly and calming mannerism and put me immediately at ease from the beginning . He listened carefully to all my concerns and was able to pinpoint stright away the core issues that we needed to work on. We agreed to 3 sessions and I can honestly say that in only 3 weeks all my stress , anxiety and negative emotions were gone.

Seth used a mixture of different techniques including talking, EFT , meditation, chackra work and each time I came out of the session feeling like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders, feeling more calm and positive.

These sessions had an immediate positive impact in my everyday life , I was able to settle the difficult situation with my ex partner right away , be more confident and productive in my working life and just felt less anxious, much happier and balanced. At the end of the third session Seth also gave me advice on how to keep working on myself with EFT .

Seth has a wealth of knowledge, he is friendly, down to earth and very professional at the same. I felt empowered by his sessions and the whole experience has been life changing in many ways .

Thank you so much Seth !

Giada Cimino

“Seth helped me with my long-term issue of back pain. I have seen many alternative professionals and this is the only thing that has worked. Seth worked very intuitively and was a really good listener when talking through my difficulties. I noticed energy shifts very quickly considering the backlog of things to clear! Would highly recommend.”

Jessica Thompson

“A year full of unexpected energy draining events, left me depleted and feeling that I had lost control of my life.

Seth and I got together to talk and do energy work. My faith in myself and my self acceptance were fully restored.

There is still a fair bit of adversity in my life, but after the work I did with Seth, I am finding it much easier to deal with it.”

Jorge Soares

The energy work that Seth did with me was extraordinary. It was amazing how this cleared the trauma of my divorce in one session. I am able to start again without being dragged back by the pain. Thank you Seth!

Sarah Fox

Life Changing!!

I had a course of EFT sessions with Seth to treat food allergies that I have had since birth. Modern medicine only suggests to avoid the foods, whilst years of homepathy had not been effective. Thus everytime I would go to an unfamiliar restaurant, I would have to ask waiters who sometimes get it wrong and I still have a reaction, or ‘make no guarantees’ and say they cant really serve me! Buying new things would always involve reading labels, and this is particularly inconveinient when you go abroad. How do you say allergy in Japanese?!

But then with Seths sessions, the most remarkable thing happened. After a handful of sessions my tolerance to eggs and nuts significantly improved. I went from being cautious when in restaurants or somebodies house of trying new things, to being able to eat cheesecakes with only a very mild tingling in the mouth, within weeks!! As someone with a medical background, I tried to find some other reason for it, but the fact is in September I had a bite of cake and became unwell, and by the end of November I was eating a cheesecake or a bite of an omlette with very little reaction. The only thing I had done in this time was EFT.

As for the sessions themselves, I found them were quite enjoyable. Seth, perhaps because of his counselling background, is very good at patiently listening and understanding the things related to your presenting problem. We would always start the session with a reflection of the problem and progress so far. I found when talking with him, he would listen and sometimes make insightful or poignant observations about what I was saying which would allow the eft session to go deeper and be more specific/targeted.

At the same time I always felt at ease and comfortable. There was never any rush in the sessions and I was always able to message him if I needed if I had a question. I was also impressed by his a broader training in different energy techniques. He would use these different techniques in his armamentarium to go tackle the problem best. Some sessions you come out and feel very refreshed, some a little tired, but that is the nature of energy work, and this usually last a day at most. But it was all worth it in the end!!

Overall, I just want to thank Seth for learning this amazing technique and being such a great practitioner. The technique can be amazing, but if you don’t have the right understanding of it, or if you aren’t able to apply the tools of it properly then it just won’t work. Seth proved to me that eft does work and that he can help so many people with it. I only hope I have been able to do justice to the profound difference these sessions have made in my life.

Thank you Seth.

Mr. C Morjaria

Dental Surgeon, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England

During my mid to late thirties I have experienced a number of life changing events happen all within a short space of time (3 years). These included severe eczema and leaking skin all over my body, the birth of my daughter, the loss of my job, the death of my father and the divorce of my wife.

The journey has been a blessing as it has shown me the path to healing and that your own true nature is within. Negative emotions such as anger, hate, envy, jealousy and many others create self inflicted internal wounds that result in external wounds (poor health or dis-ease leading to disease).

EFT gets to the root of the problem rather than masking the symptoms. As opposed to just reducing the condition with superficial one size fits all treatments, the tapping technique on specific pressure points coupled with statements and affirmations specific to the patient allows the psychosomatic cause of the health condition to surface. The patient intuitively becomes aware during the process where there is a negative association often related to a life event that has happened in the past. It does take time and patience is required. These ailments have often developed over long periods of time and true healing also takes time. There is no quick fix.

Seth is wonderfully patient, kind and caring. He has a lovely chairside manner and remains professional throughout. I thoroughly recommend this as I have seen my skin heal as a result of EFT. It should never replace western medicine but is a wonderful adjunct. The best bit is there are no side effects longterm so you have nothing to loose!! Seth combines other areas of his training in psychotherapy and Chakra alignment as well as asking your own energy system for guidance. He has a wide skill set which facilitates a very effective and powerful EFT session. A true blessing!

Thank you Seth!

Kushel Morjaria


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