“I’d been diagnosed by my GP with depression, and was on anti- depressants, and had been signed off work due to depression. I had suffered a major bereavement 7 months before this, as well as having a significant number of bereavements and unsettling changes in my life. I had been seeing a traditional counsellor, which was helpful, but frequently left me feeling even worse the following week, and that was very hard to cope with. I only had access to these sessions for a limited time, and knew I needed to find something to help me through once they ended.  I’ve never done anything like Energy Psychotherapy before, and if anything I was a little sceptical, but I thought it was giving it a go. 

After the first session, I felt physically lighter and better than I had in years. Seth explained everything really clearly, and it was very easy to relax and focus on the exercises.  I was amazed by how powerful the sessions were, and how rapidly I was able to let go of some pain which had been accumulating for most of my life, without having to re- live a whole lot of trauma.  I attended 8 sessions, and have been amazed by how quickly everything worked.  I’ve been able to apply the techniques Seth taught when I’ve needed to, and I remain grateful and delighted by what a massive difference this has made to my life. 

The sessions ended up not only addressing the grief and depression I needed help with, but also remedied some phobias I’ve had all my life, including a fear of heights and of large spiders. It feels miraculous to me that I can now go up the loft ladder with no qualms, and can look at pictures of giant spiders without any visceral reaction at all. ( There are none around to check how it is in reality, but I feel calm about the prospect of meeting one on my travels in the tropics,

I would Absolutely recommend Energy Psychotherapy I already have. I wish I had known about it years ago, as it has had such a profound effect on my well-being. I still get sad, and angry, and all the normal negative emotions, but I’m no longer drowning in a sea of darkness. I still take anti- depressants, but feel EP made a vital change to the underlying, long-term issues, and it’s given me techniques to use when I need to. I know I sound effusive, but the sessions with Seth really exceeded anything I expected, and I would recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone”

Rachelle Radcliffe

“I had been experiencing the physical and mental impact of extreme anxiety for many years and had tried a variety of approaches to help manage this such as mindfulness, exercise and counselling. Whilst each have their benefits, I didn’t feel that I had found the thing that really worked for me. I have a busy life and struggle to make time for regular practice so when I read about energy psychotherapy it seemed to have potential. 

Energy psychotherapy approaches were quite different to anything that I had experienced before. I found it helped to keep an open mind. Seth explained the rationale behind each technique which really helped to put me at ease and make sense of how each would work for me. 

My aim was to rid myself of the ever-present feelings of anxiety that were preventing me from experiencing feelings of calm in my day. After the third session I really noticed a growing absence both in the physical sensations of anxiety and my reactions to typical triggers. 

I would Absolutely recommend Palace Energy Psychotherapy to everyone.” 

Reta Samuelson

“I went to see Seth because I had been experiencing nightmares and panic attacks for several years, having been victim of domestic abuse.  I wasn’t sure if anything could help me.  I’d had counselling and CBT before which had been quite good but did not deal with this very visceral feeling of panic I would get sometimes.  Seth offers a free initial consultation, and confirmed what I had suspected which was that these symptoms were quite typical of PTSD.  He was very clear and professional in explaining how energy psychotherapy was different from other talking therapies and how this could help, and that research suggested I should expect to need 5-8 sessions.  I was sceptical but knew I had to try.

I felt huge improvement after the first session, and within three sessions was feeling like a totally new woman.  It was exactly as Seth described it, I knew that traumatic things had still happened to me, but they were just things that had happened and were not affecting me any more.  I was able to see how the past was still affecting the present and to properly move on and leave behind this feeling that I had to be constantly on high alert for danger.   I realised that I had got so used to feeling that way that I had stopped even noticing it, and it was such a relief when I was able to let it go.  I slept so well after every session, and have not had any nightmares or panic attacks.

Energy psychotherapy really is different from other types of psychological therapy.  You can talk as much as you want to about the issues you have come in for, and of course as a psychotherapist Seth is very good at identifying the themes and underlying feelings in what you say.  However, the difference is in that the treatment is about addressing how your system is processing those feelings.  In my case I previously felt that I could talk over and over about the bad things that had happened to me, but those things would still provoke a feeling of horror and panic in my body which was never addressed just by talking about it.  The techniques used in energy psychotherapy have completely removed that very physical reaction to feeling in danger that I was experiencing.  Seth also showed me techniques that I could use myself.  These are fairly simple to apply and effective.

As well as the symptoms I wanted help with I have also stopped suffering from urticaria, which I was having to take lots of antihistamines for on an almost daily basis.  I’d had that for several years too, and my GP had kindly and patiently explained to me several times that it was probably related to stress.  I didn’t really believe my GP, I thought I might have some food or washing powder allergy, but perhaps now my system is not under constant stress and it has almost magically cleared up I better acknowledge they were right all along!

I would recommend energy psychotherapy highly.  In the end, I only needed 5 sessions and I cannot even really describe the difference it has made to me.  I have my life back!”

Rosie Jackson

I came to try Energy Psychotherapy because a lot of issues were collectively causing me anxiety and low mood. 

Seth took a very good history and I found the sessions using various kinds of Energy Psychotherapy non-threatening.  I managed to shift a lot within a short mount of time.  Tackling issues one at a time and according to severity I had almost instantaneous improvement and was able to regulate my intensity throughout the sessions. I would wholeheartedly recommend Seth as he doesn’t mess around he helps clear blockages and past traumatic events from the past and helps you to find your own solutions within yourself quickly.  I would go back in the future if I felt this kind of accumulation of anxiety and stress again. 

Philip Montandan

“For a long time I have been trying to find a solution to my emotional problems by going to various specialists without  any success. My boyfriend found out about this type of therapy and booked an appointment for me. I have been diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety from all the emotional trauma from my past which has somatized in my digestive system making my day to day living impossible. I also started to develop many new phobias. 

The sessions I had with Seth were very relaxing and peaceful, Seth was very patient and understanding, transmitting a calm and comforting energy.

I would Absolutely recommend seth at palace energy psychotherapy, I noticed  that my mood improved, I felt more positive, calm and relaxed, my energy levels went up, I felt like doing things as before I was spending all afternoon in bed. I now feel more confident and optimistic about my future.

Without a doubt this was the most beneficial therapy sessions I have ever had. Seth is very professional and  made me feel comfortable from my first session.

Thank You!”

Carolina Hernandez

“During a very difficult time with some work-related issues, which had been causing me substantial grief for over three years, I happened to be walking past Palace Energy Psychotherapy and thought I’d give it a try.  I never knew what energy psychotherapy was, and after attempting various types of counselling in the recent past for this particular problem, the thought of something new was very appealing.

I instantly found Seth to be extremely easy to talk to, intuitive, and receptive.  He has a unique talent for listening, re-interpreting and reflecting ideas, and clarifying thoughts. He is highly skilled at a variety of energy techniques and can quickly assess the situation and hone in on the core of the problem to determine the most appropriate action.  After each of my sessions, I found the problem at hand was increasingly diminishing, which I never thought possible, until it became so small and insignificant, it was finally manageable.

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Seth at Palace Energy Psychotherapy to anyone who is looking for a powerful, effective, and accelerated solution to any problem”

Sally Bedford

“I was desperate to help my 13 year old daughter who started suffering from such bad anxiety that she could not get her self to school and her grades where suffering. After waiting for months and years on NHS waiting list, things we’re going downhill very very quickly.

A friend on Facebook posted Palace Energy Psychotherapy / recommending Seth. I thought I had nothing to lose and I’ll do anything to help my daughter. After just one visit with Seth there was a massive improvement in my daughter, she made it to school at last !!

We had 3 visits which lasted around 1 to 1 and a half hours. And it’s like having my daughter back all the worry and anxiety has been lifted away as if by magic. I can not recommend Seth enough he is so professional and really makes you feel comfortable in his cute little shop.

Once again thank you so much Seth”

Carly O’mahony

“I originally came to Seth’s sessions as I was dealing with a recent diagnosis of a heart condition that had come out of the blue and having faced my immortality I was left with a certain amount of anxiety. I eventually left having dealt with so much more than that. I had no idea what to expect but I had a completely open mind as I knew I had to confront these issues to get on with my life.  We covered so much in the sessions, isolating these basic fears and worries but as anxiety was something that I had dealt with prior to my diagnosis we also worked on getting to the root of the problem.

I find it hard to describe the impact the energy work has had on me other than to say each session I found myself leaving feeling lighter and clear headed. The issues felt like a distant memory and I started to feel like the old me again. If I found myself in a situation where the anxiety would normally arise, I was able to stay calm and deal with it. Seth provided me with the tools I needed to do that. He is wonderfully intuitive and has such a lovely calming presence.  I would highly recommend Seth to anyone.”

Rebecca Shorrocks

“Palace Energy Psychotherapy has helped me over the last 6 months work through shifting faulty core belief systems,  post traumatic shock and stress. Seth is definitely very intuitive and uses muscle testing to ascertain what is needed in that moment,  he also uses energy methods which helps to tap into the body’s innate intelligence to clear original wounding from ones past, From there he was able to be fully present and hold space to allow these long held energetic blockages to be released. He works with compassion and creates a safe space for self healing to occur. I would highly recommend Seth to expertly facilitate anyone’s healing journey and have found it to be enormously helpful”

Amber Essence

“What brought me to Energy Psychotherapy sessions was because I was feeling myself blocked without energy sad and heavy thoughts, resentment and guilt! I thought I had forgotten my past and it was all settled, but I still felt blocked with myself, resentment towards my family when I love them. I also had a heavy guilt and resentment in relation to men and love and to be loved, when I consider myself a attractive woman positive, and hardworking.
After meeting Seth, he explained to me that many times the traumas of the past are stuck in our bodies and energy system even situations we thought we had resolved! In all the sessions with Seth I felt safe, Seth explained to me his working methods every step of the way. After the third session I started to feel the results, my mind was calmer and lighter, one day I realised that the smile was back to my face, I felt less irritated with myself and my family, thoughts were getting lighter, I was feeling the changes in my day to day life with the continuation of the sessions.
I am a business woman and I deal with people every day people who have known me for many years had noticed that I was upset and that cheerful person was disappearing, After awhile I started my sessions with Seth people around me started to notice the positive changes in me. My day-to-day problems and challenges of life have not disappeared but the way I approach these situations and solve them are different Seth has helped me regain my self-esteem and inner light again, thank you very much for that Seth.
I would definitively Highly recommend Palace Energy Psychotherapy for anyone who wants to live a life with light in their hearts and souls”

Celma Brito

Brilliant! An empowering experience  

” I went to see Seth coming from a very rough patch in my life. In the space of a year I lost my mum to cancer , my relationship with my partner of 10 years and father of my kids ended, and it was very conflictual, I was not happy with my job, my father was diagnosed with cancer too and I was experiencing very high levels of stress and anxiety.

I had my intial consultation with Seth , he had a very friendly and calming mannerism and put me immediately at ease from the beginning . He listened carefully to all my concerns and was able to pinpoint stright away the core issues that we needed to work on. We agreed to 3 sessions and I can honestly say that in only 3 weeks all my stress , anxiety and negative emotions were gone.

Seth used a mixture of different techniques including talking, EFT , meditation, chackra work and each time I came out of the session feeling like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders, feeling more calm and positive.

These sessions had an immediate positive impact in my everyday life , I was able to settle the difficult situation with my ex partner right away , be more confident and productive in my working life and just felt less anxious, much happier and balanced. At the end of the third session Seth also gave me advice on how to keep working on myself with EFT .

Seth has a wealth of knowledge, he is friendly, down to earth and very professional at the same. I felt empowered by his sessions and the whole experience has been life changing in many ways .

Thank you so much Seth !

Giada Cimino

“Seth helped me with my long-term issue of back pain. I have seen many alternative professionals and this is the only thing that has worked. Seth worked very intuitively and was a really good listener when talking through my difficulties. I noticed energy shifts very quickly considering the backlog of things to clear! Would highly recommend.”

Jessica Thompson

“A year full of unexpected energy draining events, left me depleted and feeling that I had lost control of my life.

Seth and I got together to talk and do energy work. My faith in myself and my self acceptance were fully restored.

There is still a fair bit of adversity in my life, but after the work I did with Seth, I am finding it much easier to deal with it.”

Jorge Soares

The energy work that Seth did with me was extraordinary. It was amazing how this cleared the trauma of my divorce in one session. I am able to start again without being dragged back by the pain. Thank you Seth!

Sarah Fox

Life Changing!!

I had a course of EFT sessions with Seth to treat food allergies that I have had since birth. Modern medicine only suggests to avoid the foods, whilst years of homepathy had not been effective. Thus everytime I would go to an unfamiliar restaurant, I would have to ask waiters who sometimes get it wrong and I still have a reaction, or ‘make no guarantees’ and say they cant really serve me! Buying new things would always involve reading labels, and this is particularly inconveinient when you go abroad. How do you say allergy in Japanese?!

But then with Seths sessions, the most remarkable thing happened. After a handful of sessions my tolerance to eggs and nuts significantly improved. I went from being cautious when in restaurants or somebodies house of trying new things, to being able to eat cheesecakes with only a very mild tingling in the mouth, within weeks!! As someone with a medical background, I tried to find some other reason for it, but the fact is in September I had a bite of cake and became unwell, and by the end of November I was eating a cheesecake or a bite of an omlette with very little reaction. The only thing I had done in this time was EFT.

As for the sessions themselves, I found them were quite enjoyable. Seth, perhaps because of his counselling background, is very good at patiently listening and understanding the things related to your presenting problem. We would always start the session with a reflection of the problem and progress so far. I found when talking with him, he would listen and sometimes make insightful or poignant observations about what I was saying which would allow the eft session to go deeper and be more specific/targeted.

At the same time I always felt at ease and comfortable. There was never any rush in the sessions and I was always able to message him if I needed if I had a question. I was also impressed by his a broader training in different energy techniques. He would use these different techniques in his armamentarium to go tackle the problem best. Some sessions you come out and feel very refreshed, some a little tired, but that is the nature of energy work, and this usually last a day at most. But it was all worth it in the end!!

Overall, I just want to thank Seth for learning this amazing technique and being such a great practitioner. The technique can be amazing, but if you don’t have the right understanding of it, or if you aren’t able to apply the tools of it properly then it just won’t work. Seth proved to me that eft does work and that he can help so many people with it. I only hope I have been able to do justice to the profound difference these sessions have made in my life.

Thank you Seth.

Mr. C Morjaria

Dental Surgeon, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England

During my mid to late thirties I have experienced a number of life changing events happen all within a short space of time (3 years). These included severe eczema and leaking skin all over my body, the birth of my daughter, the loss of my job, the death of my father and the divorce of my wife.

The journey has been a blessing as it has shown me the path to healing and that your own true nature is within. Negative emotions such as anger, hate, envy, jealousy and many others create self inflicted internal wounds that result in external wounds (poor health or dis-ease leading to disease).

EFT gets to the root of the problem rather than masking the symptoms. As opposed to just reducing the condition with superficial one size fits all treatments, the tapping technique on specific pressure points coupled with statements and affirmations specific to the patient allows the psychosomatic cause of the health condition to surface. The patient intuitively becomes aware during the process where there is a negative association often related to a life event that has happened in the past. It does take time and patience is required. These ailments have often developed over long periods of time and true healing also takes time. There is no quick fix.

Seth is wonderfully patient, kind and caring. He has a lovely chairside manner and remains professional throughout. I thoroughly recommend this as I have seen my skin heal as a result of EFT. It should never replace western medicine but is a wonderful adjunct. The best bit is there are no side effects longterm so you have nothing to loose!! Seth combines other areas of his training in psychotherapy and Chakra alignment as well as asking your own energy system for guidance. He has a wide skill set which facilitates a very effective and powerful EFT session. A true blessing!

Thank you Seth!

Kushel Morjaria


“I had been years that I was not happy in my self. Having a very low self-esteem and self confidence, I was living a stagnant life with no hope or expectation of ever making progress toward happiness. I was filled with self hate, negative thoughts, limiting believes, fear about the future and loneliness. Apoint came where I could not cope anymore, pessimism and suffering was dominating my life. A minor, trivial comment from my manager was sufficient to leave me in tears and lead me to quit my job. It was then when I took the decision to seek help! Although I was feeling hopeless about changing my life for the better, the pain I was suffering was so overwhelming that I was faced with a simple and stark choice between either seeking professional help or ending my life. 

Seth was a good listener, polity, sympathetic and sensitive to my specific problems. He enabled me to focus on the root causes of my problems and to resolve them. It was Seth who enable me to discover self love. After completing my course of therapy, I am now a different person in many aspects. My mind does not lean towards despair and negativity anymore. I go through life knowing that I am worthy. I learned to love my self! I am now in control of situations that would have reduced me to despair in the past, where self doubt and degrading thoughts would arise. I am  now able to handle situations with confidence, self-awareness and self-love. 

I am not afraid for I know I am in control. I am happy and that is a choice! I am positive about my future and I know that I can live my life to the fullest. Since changing my approach to life, beautiful people have entered my sphere. I now have a job in which I feel accepted and appreciated. Travel opportunities have arisen and many things seems to be changing for the better.  In sort I have much for which to be grateful! Energy Psychotherapy is an excellent way to change and improve your life. It is something that I would recommend to everyone! “ 

Theodora Sarakini




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